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I must admit, in years past, especially in youth through young adult, Memorial Day was nothing more than a three-day weekend, barbeques, picnics and fun. And it still is… to an extent. For me, this year Memorial Day just feels different. I am opposed to war. Especially the one in Afghanistan right now. It seems as though we have lost the reason as to why our troops are there. How is our invasion presence helping protect America? Is that not what our military is for? To protect our country? It seems to have evolved into something else. Personally, I think the War on Terrorism is nothing more than a scare tactic being used on the US citizens in order to justify being in Afghanistan. But this post is about Memorial Day, so with that I will move on.

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The War on Women — and the War Within Women

The War on Women — and the War Within Women.

Smartypants: Your lyin eyes

Smartypants: Your lyin eyes.

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