President Obama’s State of the Union Address–Jan 24, 2012

Some pundits feel this speech had to be the kick-off to the 2012 campaign, and they may be correct, but it was more, because this President had another mission tonight.  Point by point from the economy to education to veterans to belief America Is Back, the President’s comments were unassailable except by the most determined obstructionists.  But what moved this speech to the level of poetry is its closure when President Obama movingly described the SEAL raid on Osama Bin Laden’s lair–breathtakingly taking us there that night with the SEALS, up those stairs while a chopper burned behind us, moving the women and children out of harm’s way, depending on one another in a single team effort to take out the evil presence that had masterminded the slaughter of thousands of men, women, and children who only wanted to go to work or home to loved ones that morning.  It was so moving, viewers knew they were listening to something brilliant in its description. But then he drew the analogy of this dangerous mission to free the country of a threat who would surely strike again to the emotional and terrifying conditions America has endured ever since–and the need for all of us to assume the same courage and skill to work as a team to save our country as well. At that moment, viewers knew he had taken the analogy to another level. Unlike his enemies who want us to remain hesitant and fearful because they depend on that for their survival, the President conveyed his belief in America and in each of us to work as a team–not to live in fear but to believe in one another and work for one another and future generations: to be responsible. And that is where this speech became historical, a document that will be studied and admired for generations as a Leader’s call to the People: “we can do it; we know how to do it–we’ve got this.” And now, it is up to us to work with him, demand that Congress work with him, and make sure America is truly Back.


What About the Children?

First, I am very sorry Joe Paterno’s life darkened at the end: his shock and grief over what happened to him may have hastened his death. I am doubly sorry for his family and friends who now mourn this man they love. But to the fans now eulogizing and even defending Joe Paterno on Facebook, Twitter, and the Mainstream Media–this coach knew and did little to stop the tragedy.  His vaunted football program was more important to him, so he did not pay enough attention to what really mattered.  Where you and I and most others would have screamed, spit, cursed, dragged the children away, and demanded immediate action, Paterno made one report and dropped it.  Both he and the former Penn State President are complicit in the continued serial assaults on innocent children.  And if you have any doubts of their complicity, ask yourself one question: why else did Penn State FIRE both of them when doubts would have resulted in suspensions during the investigation.  No.  The Grand Jury Indictment is horrifying and nauseating: it breaks a caring person’s heart.  And it was enough.  But also, Paterno admitted he wished he “had done more.” So as you praise Joe Paterno’s career, weep, and light candles for his passing tonight–what do you have to say to the children?  Where are your tears for them?

CNN Timeline of the Sexual Assault Cases at Penn State

Today With President Barack Obama

Today With President Barack Obama.

Video Overnight Thread- President and Mrs Obama Dance to “At Last”

Video Overnight Thread- President and Mrs Obama Dance to “At Last”.

Video- President Obama sings Al Green: Let’s stay together

Video- President Obama sings Al Green: Let’s stay together.

President Obama Asks to See Betty White’s Long Form Birth Certificate

President Obama Asks to See Betty White’s Long Form Birth Certificate.

Higher Education and the Middle Class Bargain | The White House

Higher Education and the Middle Class Bargain | The White House.

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