Letter to Ted Poe

[This is in response to Rep. Ted Poe’s email after I protested his HR1 vote against Planned Parenthood and discovered he is now co-sponsoring two more anti-PP bills]

Dear Congressman Poe–

While I appreciate your office’s taking the time to respond, pro Life applies as much to women and their families as it does to fetuses.  I am a mother; I have carried and given life.  You cannot possibly be more pro life than am I and millions of American women who support Planned Parenthood.  Furthermore, abortions are legal in this country: and women who have them do not ‘want’ abortions; they need them for their own personal reasons having regard to their own lives and bodies—which the government has no right to control or legislate through votes like this one.

I don’t like abortion either, but the answer is to help women in difficult situations, including pre-natal care, adoption, and aid when the mother does want to keep the baby but is poor.  The answer certainly is not to militate against them, especially if they are the victims of rape, abuse, and poverty.  Though I am a Democrat, I have voted for you in the past because I have respected you on many levels; I will not do so again because you voted a straight party line and are now actively involved in sponsoring even more aggressive legislation against women–rather than working for what is best for women in a culture that supports safe, legal abortions when women need them, but should also be helping pregnant women keep and support their babies, about which, you say nothing.



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